Since 2005, SoundCat have led a ‘Happy Listening‘ revolution in Korea.

We strongly believe that from playback to recording, music should be FUN!!!


Before us, both the Korean home musicians and portable audiophiles lacked reliable local outlets for hi quality music accessories. We shook that learn-to market by distributing and marketing the latest and best products through ramped-up online and offline sales. All possible with pertinent advertising and a vast network of dealers.


Our secret? The best staff, best products, years of marketing know-how and assure customer awareness of must-have items.


“We stand by what we sell!”

We forge ahead with promising companies in tow. We create markets. These are the standards by which our business has cemented into place as one of Korea’s foremost home and studio outlets.


Thanks to being centrally located in Korea – where shipping reliability and cost effectiveness are renowned -, we are one of Asia’s de facto distribution leaders for a number of high-profile home and portable companies including top custom earphone manufacturers such as Jerry Harvey Audio, Westone, Ultimate Ears, and ACS as well as more consumer-friendly brands like Skullcandy.
On Pro Audio side, we represent Focusrite, Novation, Nord and Roli, among many other world famous brands.


If you are looking to market and sell your product in the lucrative Asian market, your search should start and end with SoundCat. We have the expertise and experience to make your products fly in this happy listening revolution!



Sang Park is a Korean businesswoman and the founder and current chief executive officer of SoundCat, the chief executive officer of Zound e-commerce organization. According to annual sales result is KRW 10 billion and she is the owner of top music instruments distributor. She founded SoundCat in 2005, currently has 30 employees without outsourcing Human Resources, she always looking for gifted employees who can lead the company as an ownership strategy(Contact : info@soundcat.com). Her motto of organization vision is that “All music must through the SoundCat”. Hence, she always desire to deliver perfect satisfaction for all her customers with product and services either.

Corporation History

Founded SoundCat (Distribution Organization) and Zound (E-commerce Organization). Started distributing high Fi brand of Westone, Westone Labs, UE, Comply, and Etymotic Research. Contracted Echo Audio, CME, Terratec, E-MU, MXL, RME, sE Electronics and Samick Innovative Music System Consulting operations.


Founded earphone R&D labs for custom-in-ear. Contracted Skullcandy, Novation, Focusrite, Nord, Roli, Aston, MEEaudio and so on. Awarded Westone Labs Master Distributor, Best selling of MXL in successive 5years in a low, Best distributor of Etymotic. Sponsoring top communities in Korea Territory (Seeko : https://www.seeko.co.kr/, Golden Ears : http://ko.goldenears.net/,  Audioguy : http://audioguy.co.kr/,  Cuonet : http://cuonet.com).

Leading Korean music industry

Sang delivers professional custom in ear monitors, midi devices, hi-fi speakers, interface and many other hi-fi music instruments. She made lots of K-POP star endorsements, and support heaps of broadcasting organization and church organization within Territory. At the same time, Sang is also looking for the developing new brand and products in worldwide. Furthermore, as Sang founded earphone R&D labs which was able to build the Korean manufacturing custom in ears without applying to other Territory made. Apart from that, as she is chief executive officer of Zound she build the Private Brand of Zound which deliver lower price earphone and speakers within high quality of finishing-touch and sound either.